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Hawick Dental Centre
Victoria Road


Phone number:01450 364303

The Dental Centre is situated to the right (slightly to the back) of the Community Hospital.Parking is at the front of the hospital with signs pointing the way to the Dental Centre Reception.There is a car parking for Disabled at the back of the Dental Centre.The Dental Centre is on the ground floor and all areas are accessible to wheelchair users.

Opening hours:Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 6.00pm and Friday 8.00am to 5.30pm.

The clinic is very busy and sometimes we are unable to answer the phone. If you canít get through, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Dental Centre Staff:

Melissa Hartop, Dental Practice Manager

Sarah Brodie, Dental Nurse Co-ordinator - GDC 116720

John Sinclair, Senior Dental Officer - GDC 60268

Claudia Greenfield, Dental Officer - GDC 103251

Isobel Burton, Dental Officer - GDC 44125

Prezmek Prusek, Dental Officer - GDC 104300
David Currie, Dental Officer - GDC 191462
Ruth Hanley, Dental Officer - GDC 65551
Crystal Wright, Dental Officer - GDC 244503

Kirsty Marchbank, Hygienist Therapist - GDC 127289
Michelle Paxton, Hygiene Therapist - GDC 117359
Carol Feeney, Dental Nurse - GDC 151915

Evy Hulme, Dental Nurse - GDC 183814

Hayley Mills, Dental Nurse - GDC 184802

Jennifer MacDonald, Dental Nurse - GDC 130994

Katrina Cairns, Dental Nurse - GDC 142196

Kerry Hope,†Dental Nurse - GDC 202644

Lauren Farmer, Dental Nurse - GDC 157643

Becky McGee, Dental Nurse - GDC 206078

Brodie Dyce, Dental Nurse - GDC 175201

Emma Anderson, Dental Nurse - GDC 250504
Kirsty McAllan, Dental Nurse - GDC 260019

Pamela George, Dental Secretary/Receptionist

Kayleigh Harkness, Dental Secretary/Receptionist

Cairen MacAulay, Dental Secretary/Receptionist
Linzi Robson, Dental Secretary/Receptionist

Loris Pringle, Dental Secretary/Receptionist

Klaudia Jagiello, Decontamination Technician

Kevin Beattie, Decontamination Technician

Kayleigh Culley, Decontamination Technician

Hazel Gibbon, Decontamination Technician
Marie Gillies, Decontamination Technician