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NHS Borders is pleased to confirm that the new dental centres, in Hawick and Coldstream opened in May 2009 providing state of the art facilities for both patients and staff.

The new site at Coldstream has 5 dental surgeries and incorporates the service previously provided in the outdated facility within the Berwickshire High School in Duns. Patients will continue to be seen at the dental clinic at Eyemouth High School.  

The new site at Hawick has 6 dental surgeries and staff from Hawick Community Hospital and Hawick Health Centre have moved to the new building.  The dental surgeries in Hawick Health Centre will be retained for the next two years.

Below are some photographs of the new dental centres.


Coldstream Dental Centre

A surgery in Coldstream

Reception in Coldstream

The decontamination room in Coldstream


Hawick Dental Centre

A surgery in Hawick

The wating area in Hawick

The autoclaves in Hawick