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Coldstream†Dental Centre
Kelso Road
TD12 4LQ

The Dental Centre is located on Kelso Road next to Coldstream Health Centre. Access is suitable for wheelchair use.

Phone Number: 01890 885200

The clinic is very busy and sometimes we are unable to answer the phone. If you canít get through, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Clinic Times:

Monday 8:00am†-†6.00pm
Tuesday 8:00am†- 5.30pm
Wednesday 8:00am†- 6.00pm
Thursday 8.00am - 6.00pm
Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm
Weekends Clinic Closed

Dental Centre Staff:
Melissa Hartop, Dental Practice Manager
Peter du Preez, Senior Dental Officer - GDC 78547
Priya Nanjundaiah, Dental Officer - GDC 107797
Alicja Czaja, Dental Officer - GDC 101949
Rebecca Jamieson, Dental Officer†- GDC 251089
Karen Hedley, Hygiene Therapist - GDC 173714
Rebecca Wilson, Hygiene Therapist†- GDC 257634
Aileen Richardson, Dental Nurse Co-ordinator - GDC 125183
Beth Chapman, Dental Nurse - GDC 186908
Julia Fulton, Dental Nurse - GDC 199415
Ashley Allan, Dental Nurse - GDC 168917
Jayne Watson, Dental Nurse - GDC 129954
Claire Bell, Dental Nurse - GDC 129523
Cheryl Davidson, Dental Nurse - GDC 114783
Lauren Adams, Dental Nurse - GDC 174529
Leona Horne, Dental Nurse - GDC 250371
Pamela Ferguson, Dental Nurse - GDC 105011
Pamela Barnes, Dental Nurse - GDC 116331
Joanna Burt, Dental Nurse - GDC 167632
Diane Young,†Dental Secretary/ Receptionist
Lynne McKay, Dental Secretary/Receptionist
Elaine Scott, Dental Secretary/Receptionist
Tracey Greenhalgh, Dental Secretary/Receptionist
Wayne Davy,†Decontamination Co-ordinator
Brian Hall, Decontamination Operator
Brian Douglas, Decontamination Operator
Lauren Foster, Decontamination Operator