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Childsmile is a national programme designed to improve the oral health of Children in Scotland and reduce inequalities both in dental health and access to dental services. The Childsmile programme combines targetted and universal approaches to tackling Childrens oral health improvement through its 4 main components:

 Core - Every 3 & 4 year old receives a toothbrush and toothpaste pack twice in the school year and every Primary 1 child receives a pack once within the school year.  In addition to this promotion of home toothbrushing, the core programme also offers a supervised daily toothbrushing programme within schools and nurseries which promotes a holistic approach to healthy living, teaching children an important life skill. This also benefits nurseries and schools by contributing towards the Schools, (Health promotion and nutrition) Scotland Act 2007 which places health promotion at the heart of school activities, and linked to Health and Wellbeing, Experiences and outcomes within Curriculum for  Excellence.

 Nursery & School - This is a clinical preventive programme in priority nursery and primary schools delivering twice yearly fluoride varnishing for children aged three and upwards.Children identified through Childsmile Nursery and School as not having a dentist will be encouraged and assisted to find one.  At all stages in the programme, children who require further assessment and possible dental care are identified and their parents receive a letter informing them of their child’s dental need.

 Practice - Working closely with health visitors and dental practices children are targeted from birth with parents encouraged to register their children with a dentist and to attend appointments to receive oral health advice, dental check-ups and treatment, if required.  Fluoride varnish applications are also offered from two years of age.

For further information on National Smile Month and Mouth Cancer awareness week contact the British Dental Health Foundation

 Caring for Smiles  is a national oral health promotion training and support programme aimed at improving ther oral health of older people and other priority groups.